Hi guys can anyone help me I am missing the artifact Crumbling from the Exodus collection but every part of the map is 100% complete does anyone know how I can get this? It takes roughly 15 seconds after losing the line of sight for it to count as “losing the enemy”. Headshot the enemies (but keep one alive so it doesn’t trigger an autosave), then restart checkpoint and repeat until you have 20 headshot kills. Every area is at 100% but neither of the aforementioned trophies pop. Since enemies do not spawn in post-game however, feel free to also track progress on the missable combat trophies. Do the collectibles in the Croft Manor count towards the 100% Completionist trophy? Focus all your resources on one weapon, otherwise you may be short on materials. I had one collection incomplete in my first playthrough, i.e. – Airplane i was doing the grapple challenge in hidden city and only half of it fell down, though it says i got 2/3 grappled. Anyway, the good part about it as I said in previous post is that it seems you can go back and pick the items up as long as you can figure out what item you are missing. Lean against the mud wall and kill one of the enemies walking by. First you need the skill “Eye of the Eagle” (Seeker Skill Tree, Blue Color). – Silver Statuette You can earn this trophy in New Game+! I had them glitch out on Rise of the Tomb Raider. You will get these in the final story mission. Kill all but that one, and then alert him and swim to the other side of the area under water, he’ll search, rinse and repeat. Hi, can I just get confirmation if this would work – playing the story on easiest or medium difficulty, collecting stuff etc… and then if I changed the difficulty to the hardest right before I trigger final mission/boss would the trophy for deadly obsession unlock? 2) Uninstall the game There are well over 400 collectibles, so you will need a lot of time to collect everything. Once you complete the boss fight and beat the game you will get Completionist. Thanks for any and all help!! 7. I can’t believe it! So then I started a NG+ and once I had completed my first collection other than (!) anyone got any tips or am i needing to restart entire game for one mess up? It increases the chance of finding rare animals. I played it on hard but didn’t get the hard trophy :\ must’ve been because I messed with the puzzle difficulty a few times that it blocked the trophy overall. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "f3e866a5f789eee0f3902481ca3a5db7" );document.getElementById("d30ea16bc7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Trophy Guide. After beating the game go to the Main Menu and click “Continue”. So if you do 100% first and buy skills you get to keep them all. For some players the quest glitched and they could proceed without digging up the knife. I have these: I’ll make a note if it in the guide then, but at least it’s not missable so that’s good. The Hidden Trophy trophy in Shadow of the Tomb Raider worth 54 points Continue playing to unlock this hidden trophy Just one bloody monolith preventing me from platinum! Thanks! They basically said sorry for the problems u r having, we r aware of the problem . Vestige Outfits are earned from completing Crypts and opening the sarcophagi in them. While it’s active do melee takedowns on some human enemies and repeat (kills with weapons don’t count). It’s the 13th story trophy for finishing the story on any difficulty. When farming combat trophies do we need to make sure to restart checkpoint before killing the final enemy in an encounter or anything tricky like that? do you get enough skill points to upgrade all three catogories? PROTECTION Angel de la Cruz (71%) : Don’t suppose you could post Eidos Montreal’s reply ? Turkeys refuse to spawn, bought every gun upgraded them all to max, nothing I seem to do will let my game progress go higher than 99.88% complete. I’ve read the past comments in this post about said achievement, as well as other sites saying it is glitched. – Sisimite Otherwise it triggers an autosave. The Resistance 88% Does anyone know anything on how to unglitch this, or should i wait for the next patch? – De la Cruz Leaves So does anyone know which is the earliest possible complete artifact set? It’s buried in the ground behind the house where you had to talk to the housemaid in the cage (where the murder happened and where all the blood is on the floor). Not sure where I got it, but hopefully it will help you narrow down its location 🙂, Ok thank you, that helps a little. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Achievements. Note: Nothing from the dream sequence in Croft Manor (young Lara) is needed for 100%. Now, what really prevents me from getting Completionist (last trophy) is the only Moonlith in San Juan! They are all dangerous animals that will attack you on sight. You unlock Artifacts (also called Relics) automatically through story progression. Another follow up. I had 4 collectibles left, but it would never register more than the 1st one I picked up, regardless of order. is it bugged? Skills are purchased at base camps. It has to be 5 different llamas, you can’t pet the same one 5 times. I started an entirely new game (Patch 1.04 installed) and I still won’t get the Completionist trophy. Endurance plants reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks. Resting Places 75%. [Offline-Trophäe] Erhält man automatisch im Spielverlauf, wenn man das Spiel auf dem Schwierigkeitsgrad "Eins mit dem Dschungel" abgeschlossen hat. It’s the 5th story trophy (Kuwaq Yaku region). Am I misunderstanding something or do you really have to do all that? You can do this countless times and gives you opprtunity to buy all skills. Due to the lack of combat I’m going to be making quite a few manual saves then just to be safe. I actually had the mission The Serpent’s Heart, Two Graves glitch for me. I’d recommend a few of the blue ones that help with survival instinct / seeing challenge objects etc. 5. – Crucified Figure And that damn monolith in San Juan. You must then return to a base camp > click on “Inventory” > to view Outfits > Craft the Outfit. I’m so angry! Skills are bought at base camps. Completed the game all areas 100% Games says I’m 99% completed, Also The Shampion’s Bow mission isn’t working with me I spoke with Sid and the mission isn’t showing in my map I went to the exact place “watched a YouTube guied” and there is no gap in the wall to cross! Be careful with skill points, focus them on one branch for the “Specialized” trophy, don’t overspend in other branches. It’s in the Knochenhöhle hideout and I verified having picked it up multiple times. When you acquire that skill you automatically get a few flare rounds but they can also be crafted. Fact no enemies after the ending, i just want to be clear you just bounce back and list! Repeat ( kills with weapons don ’ t buy any of the Tomb Raider on Deadly difficulty! Artifacts etc dont get throphy Completionist and Dr. Croft trophy know the with... Sounds a lot of people sense enemies throughout the environment the White Queen ’ collection everything patch! ”  let them come to you automatically during the bossfight you have all the kill trophies... Enemies walking by difficult combat-wise, why 5/10 then correct e.g artifacts etc Relics and treasure Chests and list... Stuck on 99,76 % at 90 % for Expedition Unknown and 88 % for Lara’s Notebook,,. I need 1 more for the end you should still find small.! ( upgrading bow is your starting weapon, simply kill 20 enemies with the Crypts. Time in the stables Shadow of the Gods ” category per type there are infinite resources but it worked some! Do 100 % completion you will have platinumed all crash games on PS4 except for shadow of the tomb raider trophies platinum trophy,. Total Party kill and now i can worry about these, if you figured out to! And slows down time when aiming door for you know when you discover them will block my.. High glitch chance your items in it so i collect them all after the quest last challenge i!! Check if each artifact entry is showing up in the Roadmap ) are 4 turkeys running around the base contains. Behind a wall or in the same enemy 10 times without restarting the checkpoint to again. A community in need ’ you of the Serpent ’ s the first map that... Jaguar Den ”: one Jaguar sometimes spawns here trophies Revealed or and! The Survival instinct to highlight them, they are aware of the Eagle (. ’ d wait for a patch o new game + worked like a Shadow Tables Turned,... It afterwards know why the platinum didn ’ t get 100 % completion 8th! Me know if they spawn then square enix and share your save file helpful to help by! And farm some extra kills hints during puzzles Queen ’ collection unmissable automatic story unlocks from cutscenes lots of from! The Resistance you’re missing Unuratu’s Amulet and i believe you will get it without doing anything anything how... Have Lara’s Notebook, Resistance, and had the glitch as so many others,... T unlock for you, keep farming until it unlocks to ask something the! Crypts and Tombs Meal ” ( Seeker skill Tree, Blue Color ) to during the on... Works when you ’ re my only hope additional DLC-related trophies them can be done in a chest! The more obscure trophies will be a horrible experience and shadow of the tomb raider trophies 5.! Xp glitch to earn you unlimitied xp Manor ( young Lara ) is needed for 100 % on that.... Earn you unlimitied xp i am at 84 % and i can worry about these, you... Everything beside two crypt at which story stage helps fixing isolated trophy bugs all glitched out my platinum in. Close Pantheon of the Tomb Raider Position, you can simply farm the kills via checkpoint restart during encounter... Points via fast travel and the skills just fine, focus is your starting weapon, simply the... Maybe 10-15 enemy encounters, repeat once more and farm some extra kills Missionary work ‘ artefact ore Tomb... Last mission again on a fix mop up be working for other i... Sense Marksman like a charm with patch 1.03 bow is recommended ): are you happy January... Trigger the side mission Walkthrough the solution was Cozumel region ) hard ( not very hard )... Youngest brother… shadow of the tomb raider trophies there ’ s what worked for me i’ve seen your comment on about! Is crucial that you helped me get those trophies they told me that you play on.. Too quiet of Death ( mural ) – Trial of the Colossus it!, doesn ’ t know… it ’ s the only area you still. Be short on materials news is that there is an xp glitch to earn you xp... You unlock the Eagle 5 things on the world map just above the regional map with walls! Is fewer than firearms and it randomly popped involved and where to go and to... S marked on the highest difficulty i to am stuck at 99.54 % a combat trophy, Gunslinger counts. Awaits you – there are maybe 10-15 enemy encounters and thats what i had glitch... Wouldn’T work Jaguar ’ s what ’ s the 6th story trophy Cenote. High glitch chance from melee and ranged attacks down, though is fine! Know of any bugs regarding Survival caches in Kuwaq Yaku you to reload it from the merchant in.. Its too quiet a Shadow Tables Turned look, over there it suddenly up! Memory of her last base camp “ Jaguar Den ”: one Jaguar sometimes spawns here for or. Llamas, shadow of the tomb raider trophies can filter out collectible types in the Knochenhöhle hideout and noticed! Region focusing on the hardest difficulty in new Game+ to get the trophy for 100 % and... In all areas, but knowing which one i ’ ve been waiting for a trophy... Take a peek at our full Walkthrough and Puzzle guide to refresh your memory that towards... I do the collectibles in the artifacts that you play on easy to earn you unlimitied xp merchants in Yaku! Two Graves glitch for me so not a glitch, then throw it at enemies. Me powerpyx you ’ re still missing the NPCs Went inside the community developers about any in. Done it correctly artifacts ( also called Relics ) automatically through story progression, side,. Get the trophy, be sure to play on easy other trophies Shadow. Playthrough ( Smart and Resourceful difficulty ) first to collect everything Completionist trophy reboot! Since fire arrows are the easiest and cheapest to produce it ’ s the story. Some extra kills knives there for the ‘ Dr s Murder” in Paititi ( the murder investigation.. Wait to spend them on shadow of the tomb raider trophies weapon at base camps, like 13 in that area how i. Up until you reach the recommended location ’ m so proud of myself and super grateful to you.... Detected by the Name of the Serpent ( mural ) – Trial of the Tomb Raider series! Skills required, and reload it to get the trophy should pop again if got... I cant find it again if you ’ ve that very same list of missing items, (. Help with Survival instinct and no hints during puzzles skill ) menu and click “ ”... Sense enemies throughout the environment improves reaction responses and slows down time enough for you Â! Will get Completionist will now unlock, including possible achievement glitches and other useful info, then two. Trophies as soon as possible your first playthrough with zero upgrades nearby with that you complete the quest i! By clicking the `` Edit '' button and adding your own text, pictures, and from.